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Heat Pump Grants Ireland

The SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) offer grants up to €6,500 for heat pumps in Ireland. The grant goes towards both parts and fitting. And it even includes related upgrades to your heating system like heat pump compatible radiators.

You can also get a €200 “Technical Assessment” grant to design a heat pump system for your home. And to really maximise your gains, there’s a deep retrofit grant of up to €25,000 for various home energy upgrades, including heat pumps.

Heat Pump Grant Amounts in Ireland

The SEAI increased heat pump grants in February 2022. For example, air-to-water heat pump grants went from €3,500 to €6,500. And air-to-air heat pump grants went from €600 to €3,500. Your specific grant will depend on the kind of dwelling you live in and the type of heat pump you choose. See the table for details:

Air to Water€4,500€6,500
Ground to Water€4,500€6,500
Air to Air€3,500€3,500
SEAI Heat Pump Grant Amounts
Air source heat pump outdoor unit
Air source heat pumps are the most popular type in Ireland

SEAI Heat Pump Grant Criteria

To qualify for the SEAI heat pump grant, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Your house must have been built before 2021
  • You must get a Technical Assessment done on your house
  • The heat pump must be installed by an SEAI-registered contractor
  • Your house must be well insulated*

*The Technical Assessment determines if your house is well enough insulated for a heat pump. If not, you have two options. Option one is to first insulate your house, and then get a heat pump. This way, you can a generous grant for each step. Option two is to get a “deep retrofit” (more on that later).

Heat Pump Technical Assessment Grants

A heat pump “Technical Assessment” is a professional report that informs the design of a heat pump system. It’s also important because you must get a Technical Assessment to qualify for heat pump grants in Ireland. The SEAI offer a grant of €200 for Technical Assessments. That’s in addition to the €6,500 grant you can receive for the heat pump itself. But note you’ll only receive the €200 after your heat pump is installed.

Sketches for a heat pump Technical Assessment
You can get a €200 grant for a Technical Assessment to help design your heat pump system

SEAI Heat Pump Grant Application Process

  1. Get a Technical Assessment done on your home
  2. Upgrade your insulation as/if recommended by the Technical Advisor
  3. Apply online at the SEAI grants portal.
    • Enter contact info and some details about your home
    • Enter your electricity meter number (MPRN). You can find this on your electricity bill
    • Wait for provisional approval
  4. Choose a heat pump installer and agree a contract for installation
  5. The SEAI aim to pay your grant 4-6 weeks after getting installation documents from your installer. However, some grant payments will be delayed to allow for inspections

Deep Retrofit Heat Pump Grants

A deep retrofit is a collection of upgrades to make a whole house energy efficient. This typically includes installing a heat pump. So the deep retrofit scheme lets you claim a heat pump grant as part of a larger bundle. The total grant amount is up to €25,000, or half the cost of works.

Convenience is a key benefit of deep retrofits. This is because you have only one grant application to make. And one contractor handles all the work for you. Good-value credit availability is another benefit, as many Irish lenders offer special credit terms for deep retrofits.

Heat Pump Subsidies for Landlords

Landlords are eligible for a heat pump or deep retrofit grant for each of their properties. This is a golden opportunity for landlords. For example, the government contributes €6,500 to the value of each of your properties with heat pump grants in Ireland.

Irish landlords can benefit up to €25,000 per property with deep retrofit grants

Meanwhile, energy efficiency is becoming more and more relevant to the rental market. Each year, BER ratings get more prominent on rental listings. Plus, warm homes retain the best tenants for longer.


The government offer generous heat pump grants in Ireland. You can get up to €3,500 for an air-to-air heat pump, or €6,500 for an air-to-water heat pump. The first step to getting your heat pump grant is a Technical Assessment of your house. Alternatively, you can get a deep retrofit, which is a package of energy upgrades, typically including a heat pump. Grants for this are up to €25,000.